Voyar is an online event center booking service provider where event center owners can enlist and advertise their halls free of charge for potential customers to search and book. The goal of Voyar is to make halls/event centers readily available to even planners in Nigeria and at the same time help event centers promote their business.
There are two major key players on Voyar: Users and Hall Owners.

Users (Event Planners or Potential Customers):
Voyar offers users the ability to search, find and book halls/event centers all over Nigeria; bringing ease, convenience, comfort and affordability into their event planning process. Usage includes trainings, weddings, seminars, ceremonies, etc.

Halls/Event Centers:
The platform offers halls/event centers a means to be searched, seen, and patronized by non-walk-in customers. This in turn brings an increase in revenue, publicity and booking efficiency. Registration is FREE!
It's completely free! Simply create a hall owner account and start adding your hall(s)
You can list as many halls as you have.
At the barest minimum, you will need your hall name, address, contact email/phone number and one or more pictures of your hall to enroll a hall.
Of course you will be notified via email and/or SMS. You can also check your customer reservations and bookings by logging on to your control panel.
Reservation is a request by a customer to a hall provider to secure a hall for them for a certain period of time pending when they will be physically available to make payment or actual booking. On the other hand, Booking is the actual and complete payment of a hall for a specified date.
All Reservations on Voyar.com.ng attract a convenience fee of ₦500.00 only. This is exclusive of the booking fee.
The time frame is peculiar to each hall provider. You are advised to read each hall provider's terms or use before proceeding with reservation/booking
Refund Policies are peculiar to each hall provider. You are advised to read each hall provider's terms or use before proceeding with reservation/booking
The aim of this program is to develop a huge database of event centers in Nigeria. Each Voyar Representative (Referrer) is expected to collate detailed information of event centers around them. This information is as contained in the Hall Information document downloadable from the Referrer portal on www.voyar.com.ng
Email addresses are extremely necessary for hall account registration. Hall owners who do not have an email address, should be encouraged to create one in order to have their hall enlisted on Voyar. Email creation is easy!
It is not necessary to have a Voyar ID Card at this time.
Referral Commission is the percentage amount a hall owner is willing to remit to Voyar after every successful booking by a customer through www.voyar.com.ng . It should be negotiated between the Hall Manager and Voyar or a Voyar Representative. Remittance will be done by Voyar to the hall owner after every successful booking for the hall on www.voyar.com.ng
Booking Cancellation Charge is the percentage of the total booking amount a hall owner will charge a customer for canceling a booking on www.voyar.com.ng
Hall Reservation Period is the length of time a user’s reservation is guaranteed by a hall owner before it is invalidated by the hall owner
Our office is situated at #3 Mingi Estate Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt, River State
Always introduce yourself to hall owners as a Voyar Representative. Referrers are advised to snap a minimum number of 4 clear photos of each hall taken from different angles of the hall. Our recommendation is 6 interior and 3 exterior pictures of each hall. However, you can take as many shots as you wish. Please note that the image size of each photo must be less than or equal to 1MB.
For more information, call us on 08182193617 or send us a mail via support@voyar.com.ng