Terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all types of services Voyar.com.ng("Voyar.com.ng", "we", "us", "our" or "ours") offers, both direct or indirect. The terms "you", "your", "yourself", "Client", "yours" and "customer" refer to the individual person or corporation who subscribes to our newsletters and offers, creates an account with us or makes a booking/reservation (whether complete/incomplete, successful/unsuccessful) through this website. The terms "Final Party", "Hall Owner" and "Hall Provider" refer to the halls (not limited to organisations that go by 'halls or event centers' only) that is advertised on Voyar.com.ng regardless of whether a signed deal between us and them exists or does not.

Terms and conditions may be revised and modified occasionally, hence, it is advisable to review them each and every time you use any of our services. Services (direct and indirect) apply to everything provided online, through mobile devices and computers of all platforms, by email, telephone, post or through direct contact with our officers. You accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions (as well as our privacy policy) below, if and when you make use of our service in any way, including but not limited to browsing this website, rating or giving hall reviews, commenting on a review, or making a reservation.

Legal Use

Your utilization of any of our services warrant that you will not make unlawful use of this website or any contents and materials we provide through other means with which we correspond with you or final parties on your behalf.

Our Service Scope

Voyar.com.ng provides temporary accommodation (halls/event centers) of all types. The provision of these services are found on the website through which you can book for your chosen service. By placing a reservation through us, you enter into a legally binding agreement with the direct service provider (halls and the likes) with which your reservation is made to. Right after your reservation is placed, Voyar.com.ng acts simply as a mediator between you and the service provider.

We pass along information you have provided towards placing a reservation unto the final party and relay confirmation messages, updates and invoices back to you via SMS and email for and on their behalf. The accuracy of information provided on the website is exclusive to the service providers who are responsible for updating their accounts with Voyar.com.ng on their current status. Though we aim to provide information about final parties which are as correct as possible, we will not confirm, neither will we guarantee that they are complete or accurate.

Halls recommendations on our website are not given by us, we do not verify them and therefore cannot give assurance about them. We will only offer suggestions based on criteria provided by you, but choices made by you are entirely your decision and any disappointments that is met cannot amount to a liability that we would bear.

Reservation & Booking

We offer two ways of securing a hall/event center. There is an option to request for reservation of the hall, at a token, for a period of time (to be determined by each hall owner) until you are physically present to pay in cash on your arrival at the hall, in which case, Voyar.com.ng cannot guarantee that your reservation will be kept for you until you arrive, or that we will inform you about cancellations before you arrive, and we are not responsible for any disappointments that may be faced by choosing this reservation/payment method or a hall that accepts only it. Note ; With some halls, you are only able to make reservations using this medium.

The second option we offer is instant online booking. You can instantly make complete payment of a hall via our website with your ATM card through a third party link we provide on the website. Any amount charged to you will be in Nigerian Naira. Tax rates and foreign exchange rates could change in the time between booking and stay.

Third Parties

Backlinks to websites operated by other parties may be found on this website and are provided for reference purposes only. We do not in any way imply an endorsement of the contents and operations on such websites. Voyar.com.ng does not participate in their management and is not responsible for your use of these websites.

Cancellation & no-show policy

Cancellation policies are two sides of a coin. By booking through Voyar.com.ng you accept both the cancellation and no-show terms of the hall provider and ours. For booking fees paid but not yet transferred to the hall provider, Voyar.com.ng will deduct the transaction processing fee before refunding the customer. Refunds of money already paid to the final party will attract their cancellation/no-show charges and also have our delivery/execution of operations cost deducted. If you pay directly to the hall provider, Voyar.com.ng will not be accountable for or entitled to reimburse these types of payments and also payments made preceding your arrival at the hall. Any of such refunds that come through us are only so on request by the hall provider and are not in any way our obligation.

Hall providers can only apply cancellation charges to payments already received by them and are fully responsible for payments made directly by clients either on arrival of by electronic means. We will not be answerable to any incidence of late or no payment by the customer to the hall. To that end, we advice all final parties (having a signed deal with us or not) to ensure they provide alternative means of receiving long distance payments, much preferably in the form of a Nigerian Bank Account.
Reservation fees are non-refundable.

Refund policy

Refund of payment already paid to your preferred hall is subject to their cancellation/no show charge.

Further Correspondence

Right after you make a reservation/booking through the website, we will send a confirmation of receipt of this request and send subsequent emails and SMSs to keep you updated on the booking progress. You will most likely confirm your booking over the phone and advice us on how you intend to make payment, if you have not already done so (Please note that some hall providers either do not reserve their spaces or cannot guaranty the availability of your desired hall/event center without pre-payment)

We may remain in touch with you from the day you make your reservation, up until a week after you are using the hall to ensure you had a pleasant experience. We also welcome your feedback on halls you used.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews of halls are given by the public. Voyar.com.ng has no control over the rating tendencies and we cannot guarantee that the reviews are accurate or true, most of which are solely dependent on the likes and dislikes of the individual.


Voyar.com.ng bears no responsibility for any liability that may arise from the booking service, either to the hall provider, customer or any government agency. All final parties that offer Pay on Arrival options are liable for any loss they may incure and have to take their own measures to ensure they receive payments from customers.